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Welcome to Able Body Wellness, practice of Michael Pushkin Licensed Massage Therapist, in the historic spa town of Berkeley Springs, WV.

Michael offers massage-to-order. He can do a soothing relaxation based massage releasing tension points. However, his large clientele of regulars, many of them local residents, most frequently seek him out for structural adjustment or pain relief. The often repeated result is a heartfelt testimonial about the massage: “it changed my life”, mostly in the range of mobility.

Michael has a thriving practice offering many different techniques and types of massage.

SPINAL ALIGNMENT MASSAGE – Michael’s original unique gentle technique integrating many modalities realigns the spinal vertebrae and the sacro-iliac joint . This greatly extends the lastting benefits of the massage.

Since muscles cannot fully relax if a joint is out of alignment, this is
the ultimate treatment. It is a unique non-chiropractic method that
often has clients float out of the office at the end of the treatment.

ORTHOPEDIC MASSAGE – Orthopedic massage is focused on treating painful conditions which affect the soft tissues of the body.

First, an assessment process determines which parts of the body are affected, how it was injured and why it’s in pain.

Next, the appropriate techniques are chosen to treat the particular condition. (For example, friction massage is applicable for tendon problems but not for nerve compression, as that would further irritate the nerve involved.)

The session concludes with advice and suggestions for the rehabilitation process.

This combination provides for the most effective treatment of soft tissue pain and injury conditions using massage therapy.

Our address

122 Independence St., Berkeley Springs, WV 2541
39.6290399, -78.2278465
540 336 6872

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