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Berkeley Springs State Park is located in the center of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. The Bathhouse first opened in 1930. Since then, thousands have enjoyed the variety of baths and treatments in the warm mineral waters that flow from the springs at a constant temperature of 74.3 degrees Fahrenheit. The springs discharge from five principle sources and numerous lesser ones, all within a hundred yards, approximately 2,000 gallons of clear, sparkling water per minute. Bathing in the springs has been popular since before the days of George Washington.

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#2 S. Washington St. Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
39.6251812, -78.2288863
(304) 258-2711

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Megan Mueller
2014-12-16 02:21:45
The Bathhouse at Berkeley Spring State Park was at the top of my to-do list during my relaxing winter weekend in February of 2014. You can't beat the price for such a unique experience of swimming in the warm mineral waters followed up by a massage. dI would recommend that anyone visiting Berkeley Springs add this to their list of activities for a nice way to unwind. It's right in the heart of downtown near quaint little shops, restaurants, and an old time movie theater - a perfect place to walk and check out the sights!

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