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Lot 12 Public House serves seasonal upscale comfort cuisine prepared by local Chef Damian Heath and pours distinctive wines, microbrews and fine spirits as well.

The restaurant is situated in a beautifully restored house built in 1913, where you may dine on our porch during pleasant weather or in our warm and inviting dining room.

We’re nestled in beautiful downtown Berkeley Springs (the country’s first spa), just a few minute’s walk from Berkeley Springs State Park, many Bed & Breakfasts, spa facilities and even a vintage 1940s movie theater. Lot 12 strives to be more than just a good restaurant, offering great food, spirits and service. We’ve gone one better, paying close attention to the little details that make our restaurant “a dining destination.”

A visit to Lot 12 is the ultimate getaway evening for everyone, whether they be local or visiting from out of town. Our ultimate goal is to make your dining experience memorable!

We want you to feel comfortable and well taken care of–like you’re a guest in our own home.

Reservations: Encouraged, Saturdays and Holiday Weekends are usually necessary.

About Damian & Betsy

Betsy and Damian Lot 12

Damian Heath grew up in Berkeley Springs, the son of award-winning artists Jonathan and Jan Heath. His love of food began at an early age, steeped in a flavorful melange of large Italian family dinners with lots of laughter and more food than they could ever eat, much of it gathered from their garden and pantry shelves.

His career began not at a culinary institute, but at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where he studied philosophy and art history.

After two years of undergraduate studies, he went to the renowned Baltimore International Culinary College. While in culinary school, he trained in Europe under Executive Chef Peter Timmins.

When he returned from Europe, he worked at the Yellow Brick Bank Restaurant in Shepherdstown, WV as sous chef when he met his future wife, Betsy. Betsy also grew up in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, in Berkeley County. She was attending Shepherd College, pursuing a BA in Fine Arts, when she and Damian met.

Upon leaving Shepherdstown, they moved to Charleston, South Carolina. Damian worked in several upscale restaurants further developing a love of southern cuisine and local fare. Betsy worked closely with the opening of an upscale restaurant in Mount Pleasant and they both were employed by caterers in the downtown Battery area.

The two were approached to open and manage an upscale bistro on the Outer Banks in North Carolina and in December 1997 they moved to Buxton, NC. In April 1998, the bistro opened with rave revues. Damian’s menu was revolutionary for the area, business was wonderful and they had a great first season.

But Damian’s vision for his ideal restaurant remained in his hometown of Berkeley Springs, knowing that it would be a great environment for a small, upscale and eclectic restaurant.

In January of 1998, an old house on Warren Street in Berkeley Springs (where Lot 12 is now) went up for sale. The Heaths had been discussing their future and knew that Berkeley Springs was their destiny. Once they saw how perfect the house was, it was settled.

In November of 1998, when their obligation to the bistro was fulfilled, they moved back to Berkeley Springs and after getting married in November of 1998, dove head first into the business and haven’t looked back!

Lot 12 Public House opened for business on August 12, 1999.

Our address

117 Warren St Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
39.6237058, -78.228341
(304) 258-6264

Opening Hours

Starting at 5 p.m.
Starting at 5 p.m.
Starting at 5 p.m.

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