The Washington Heritage Trail in Morgan County

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From his first visit as a teenage surveyor through the reading of his will more than 50 years later, Washington owned land, visited friends and supported industry in the Eastern Panhandle.

The 80-mile segment of the trail here in Morgan County is centered around Berkeley Springs and continues on to its westernmost terminus in Paw Paw. We’ll begin begin the tour, which could take an afternoon or a weekend, where George did –at “ye fam’d warm springs.”

George Washington was scarcely 16-years-old in March 1748 when he began his first trip west. Delayed by the flooded Potomac River, his surveying party turned back to visit what appeared on their colonial maps as Medicinal Springs. Then, as now, the waters flowed from the ground at 74º and between 1,000 and 2,000 gallons per minute.

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