Suggested Activities

Below are some activities to do in Berkeley Springs. The list below is no particular order

  1. Go to Panorama Outlook on route 9 east. Incredible view during the day.
  2. Get massage and mineral bath at Berkeley Springs State Park or other spas
  3. Go to Cacapon State Park for golfing, hiking, beach, swimming, fishing, horseback riding and eat breakfast or lunch at the lodge
  4. Cacapon State Park also has it’s own overlook which can be driven to. It’s part paved and part dirt. I have driven up to it in a two wheel car without issues. It’s a semi bumpy ride up. You might see deer on the way up.
  5. Walk around Berkeley Springs State Park and local shops
  6. Eat at following restaurants Tari’s restaurant, Earth Dog Café, Lot 14, Panorama At The Peak .Get ice cream, smoothie and sandwich at Creekside Creamery Market and Café.
  7. View a movie at the Star Theatre (http://www.starw- .com/star/index.htm), they have great popcorn and have couch seating available at a very low cost.
  8. Go antique shopping in several downtown Berkeley Springs antique shops
  9. At night, sip wine at La Luna (
  10. Go bike riding on the C&O canal which is in Hancock, MD. Only 5 miles from downtown Berkeley Springs. Bike rental shop is
  11. On Sunday morning from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. downtown Berkeley Springs during the summers, has a nice farmers market with local produce and other edible treats
  12. Great ride maps for Motorcycle riding in Berkeley Springs (
  13. Visit to get the latest events and happening at Berkeley Springs
  14. Go to the Museum of the Berkeley Springs (
  15. Visit the nearby local cities like Cumberland, Harper Ferry and Luray Caverns
  16. Go White Water Rafting at Harper Ferry ( |
  17. Follow the footsteps of George Washington that takes you across the county and to nearly 20 special sites including the beautiful Panorama Overlook
    3. Recommended is Paw Paw Tunnel



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